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Heart Failure-

The Patient Experience


In the Best Care Heart Failure Program the Certified Heart Failure Educator will: ​

  • Discuss your family history, medical history, smoking history, sleep apnea, and symptoms.

  • Determine the stage of your heart failure and how it is affecting your quality of life.

  • Educate you about heart failure, recognizing symptoms, and how to respond.

  • Perform a breathing test to check for respiratory diseases if you are having difficulty breathing or have a history of smoking. 

  • Review medications, regular exercise, healthy eating, and how to cope with heart failure.

  • Together with you and your primary care provider, make appropriate referrals as needed to smoking cessation program, additional testing when applicable (i.e. respiratory), and specialist consults. 

  • Develop a Heart Failure Action Plan for when symptoms worsen.

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