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Patient Testimonials


May 28, 2018

"To the Powers that be,

Hello, my name is (Patient) and I am a 74 year old patient of Dr. Mazar who; lucky for me introduced me to Madonna who from there got me into the proper program as I had been wrongly diagnosed as having COPD in 2001 and in fact have a severe case of asthma. Being in the program has changed my life. All for the better.

You have the power to change other patients lives for the better, please give them the opportunity I got.

Its great to be able to breathe."

Care Giver

May 30, 2018

"To Whom this may concern,

I want to first off thank you for the gift of giving my mother back to us not having a life sentence hanging over her head as she did since 1991 when she was incorrectly diagnosed with COPD. The Health team at Amherstburg Clinic, Madonna & Theresa & Dr Mazhar and this program in particular are so advantageous to the patient and their family. They work on a whole family course of action, listen to our input and opinions and make solid recommendations for future course of action. Madonna is amazing and got my mother into a program at London Hospital and Dr. Litchka (sorry if that is not spelt correctly) to become involved in a new trial drug and it has made a huge impact on her well - being. prior to being on this program she was on a vicious cycle of antibiotics and prednisone off a couple of weeks and back on again and you could see the decline in her visibly but since this program began she has only been on antibiotics once and that in itself is amazing. My mother has seen many Doctors and Specialists over the years and I don't think she has ever had he level of care she receives now with this team. the whole team works as one and are available for any questions or situations that may arise, they make time for you which is not usual in today's health care system. It would be very sad and unfortunate if this program does not move forward not only for my mother but other patients that are receiving the benefits of it. 

If you would like any further input or wish to discuss I would be glad to do that, my number is listed below. Once again my biggest thanks to Madonna, Dr. Mazhar and the team  at Amherstbug Health Clinic."

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