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Evaluating the Implementation of a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Management Program Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research: A Case Study

Stefan Paciocco, Anita Kothari, Christopher Licskai, Madonna Ferrone, and Shannon Sibbald.

BMC Health Services Research 2021

Confronting Complexity and Supporting Transformation Through Health Systems Mapping: A Case Study

Hussey, Anna. Sibbald, Shannon. Ferrone, Madonna. Hergott, Alyson. McKelvie, Robert. Faulds, Cathy. Roberts, Zofe. Scarffe, Andrew. Meyer, Matthew. Vollbrecht, Susan. Licskai, Christopher.

BMC Health Services Research 2021

COPD Integrated Disease Management for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Primary Care, from the Controlled Trial to Clinical Program: A Cohort Study

Anna Hussey, Kevin Wing, Madonna Ferrone, Christopher Licskai.

International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2021

Does an mHealth System Reduce Health Service use for Asthma?

To T, Lougheed D, McGihon R, Zhu J, Gupta S, Licskai C.

European Respiratory Journal Open Research 2020

Key Characteristics and Critical Junctures for Successful Interprofessional Networks in Healthcare - A Case Study

Sibbald S, Schouten K, Sedig K, Maskell R, Licskai C.

BMC Health Services Research 2020

Breathe for Asthma - Version 1. Canada Health Infoway

Licskai, C., Morita, P. Yeung, M. Ferrone, M. Taite, A. Madeley, C. Stevens Lavigne, A. To, T. Lougheed, M. Gupta, S. Day, A. Cafazza, J.

Canada Health Infoway 2019

The Impact of Integrated Disease Management in High-Risk COPD Patients in Primary Care

Ferrone M, Masciantonio MG, Malus N, Stitt L, O’Callahan T, Roberts Z, Johnson L, Samson J, Durocher L, Ferrari M, Reilly M, Griffiths K, Licskai CJ, Primary Care Innovation Collaborative.

NPJ Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 2019

A Patient-Centered Mobile Health System That Supports Asthma Self-Management (breathe): Design, Development, and Utilization

Morita PP, Yeung MS, Ferrone M, Taite AK, Madeley C, Stevens Lavigne A, To T, Lougheed MD, Gupta S, Day AG, Cafazzo JA, Licskai C.

JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2019

The Design, Development, and Utilization of breathe: Patient-Centered Mobile Health System That Supports Asthma Self-Management

Breathe for COPD - Version 1. 

Yeung, M. Ferrone, M. Chapman, K. Casey, D. Cafazzo, J. Licskai, C.

University Health Network 2018

Morita PP, Yeung MS, Ferrone M, Taite AK, Madeley C, Stevens Lavigne A, To T, Lougheed MD, Gupta S, Day AG, Cafazzo JA, Licskai C.

JMIR mHealth uHealth 2018

Development and Implementation for an Electronic Asthma Record for Primary Care: Integrating Guidelines Into Practice

Minard JP, Dostaler SM, Taite AK, Olajos-Clow JG, Sands TW, Licskai CJ, Lougheed MD.

Journal of Asthma 2014

Development and Pilot Testing of a Mobile Health Solution for Asthma Self-Management: Asthma Action Plan Smartphone Application Pilot Study

Licskai C, Sands TW, Ferrone M

Canadian Respiratory Journal 2013

Spirometry in Primary Care: An Analysis of Spirometry Test Quality in a Regional Primary Care Asthma Program

Licskai CJ, Sands TW, Paolatto L, Nicoletti I, Ferrone M.

Canadian Respiratory Journal 2012

Using a Knowledge Translation Framework to Implement Asthma Clinical Practice Guidelines in Primary Care

Licskai C, Sands T, Ong M, Paolatto L, Nicoletti I.

International Journal for Quality in Health Care 2012

Clinical Characteristics of Women With Menstrual-Linked Asthma

Thornton, J. Lewis, J. Lebrun, C. Licskai, C.

Respiratory Medicine 2012